Save up to 10% on your water usage! Detect water leaks, manage water usage and avoid bill shock!
....and feel good about conserving our precious water

You could save $200 p/a or more on your water bill by using Flowd monitoring
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Avoid Bill Shock


Get phone alerts and avoid paying big bills for excess water use or water damage

Reduce Water Use


Monitor your water use to save money and conserve this precious resource


Detect Leaks Early


Get alerted to concealed leaks through our app to save money and water wastage


Insurance Savings


Save up to $150 on your home insurance premium protecting your most valuable asset.


Ocean Plumbing uses advanced Flowd technology

The following demonstration video shows how Flowd helps you improve the way that you use, monitor, manage and save water.

Be Flowd water smart

Water leaks are more common than you think

Jill’s ‘bill shock’ story


Jill was shocked when she got her water bill of $960, up from a quarterly average of $330.


Jill believes the water leak was happening for around three to four weeks before she got her bill. Throughout this period, her household’s average daily water usage was 2,000 litres per day!


Read Jill’s full story

I wish I had Flowd a year ago…


Meet Len and hear how Flowd Smart Water Solutions has helped detect water leaks in his rental properties, saving him potential thousands in repair costs.


Len had a previously hidden water leak causing enormous damage to his shower recess.


Read Jill’s full story

Use the Flowd App with any device


When abnormal use (eg. a larger amount or continuous use over a 24 hr period) is detected, an alert is raised, and the problem can immediately be investigated and solved.


Flowd smart water technologies is improving the way that we use, monitor, manage and save water.

Water leak detection made easy…. how it works

The Flowd Smart Water App connects easily to your existing hardware or any of our available logging products to monitor usage and detect water leaks over a 24hr period.

Solutions that are flexible to help your business

Our solutions have been designed to support the unique challenges of many industries

Property Manager

Body Corporate

Home Owner

Commercial Complexes

Sporting Facilities

Water Utility Provider

Plumbing Services


Architects and Designers

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